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26th June 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

From 29th June, students in Year 7 will be able to access video content to help them complete the home learning tasks set for them on Sharepoint. (If you do not know how to access Sharepoint, please see the O365 tutorial video).

Please click on the link to access our virtual learning platform:

Virtual Learning

The following weekly content will be provided..

You can access the content whenever you want and in any order. This is just a suggested routine.

Monday Session 1 English Reading session 1 Session 1 Any Creative

Tuesday Session 1 Maths SSA Big Read via Zoom Session 1 Global

Wednesday Session 1 Science Reading session 2 Session 2 Any Creative

Thursday Session 2 English Reading – your choice Health Lesson 1

Friday Session 2 Maths Reading – your choice Session 2 Science

Simply choose a subject, play the video and complete the lesson. Your teachers will tell you what equipment you need.

There will be new content next week. This is how many recorded lessons you can expect: