Key Stage 4 Options Information
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26th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,


Key Stage 4 Options 2020-22

The selection of options subjects for KS4 is a crucial moment in a student’s secondary education. At South Shore Academy we will be following a two-year Key Stage 4 programme which starts at the beginning of year 10.

We aim to ensure that all students receive the information and guidance necessary for them to make informed decisions that will maximise their potential. It is important that each student understands their own strengths and weaknesses and choose courses that they have a real aptitude and interest in, to be a success.

South Shore Academy is a fully inclusive school; our aim is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which enables accessibility to all pupils and is aspirational for students to follow their choice in further education. While students will have to follow compulsory core subjects, they will be able to choose three options. During these unusual times students will still need to complete this process to study their options during the next two years. Each subject has detailed what is involved if students were to select it, however if you do need further information on a subject please contact the school and we will get back to you. Details on how to send in options choices will be sent out via text messages and phone calls.


Yours faithfully,

N Reynolds

Head Teacher


Please click on the link for the Options Information

KS4 Options Information