Latest Ofsted monitoring inspection visit
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7th June 2022

South Shore Academy has just received the report after its latest Ofsted monitoring inspection visit. Following Mrs Warhurst’s first few months in role we continue to see real improvements across teaching and learning at South Shore Academy and this feedback will be a valuable tool in the drive for continuing progress and improvement.

Some of the standout comments are detailed below (where ‘You’ refers to Mrs Warhurst the Head )

  • You and other leaders have the ambition, knowledge and skills needed to continue the school’s improvement journey.
  • You also have a clear insight into what further improvements are needed to ensure that pupils benefit from a good quality of education.
  • You are helping staff to better understand how to support the needs of pupils with SEND.
  • You ensure that leaders are more diligent in considering how pupils’ individual needs are supported by improvements to school provision as well as carefully selected alternative provision.
  • You, and other leaders have further strengthened the support that pupils receive to help them read fluently and accurately. Pupils of all reading abilities enjoy the positive culture of reading to learn and reading for pleasure that you have firmly embedded.
  • You are keen to strengthen the pupils’ rates of attendance further.
  • You, and other leaders work effectively with the Trust to identify the support that staff need.
  • Members of the local governing body provide effective challenge and support. This is helping you and other leaders to successfully embed an increasingly positive culture of staff development.

Head of School, Mrs Warhurst, said: “I am delighted that on their recent visit, inspectors were able to see first-hand many elements of our journey of school improvement and the positive way this is impacting our young people and their learning. I would like to take this opportunity to not only thank our wonderful students and hugely committed staff team but also our parents and carers, as we are always proud to say that these achievements are a result of true teamwork across our whole-school community.”

Bright Futures Educational Trust CEO, Dr John Stephens, added: “It is so positive to see that young people, families and communities in South Shore are benefiting from strong leadership and the equally high expectations and high levels of support that the school provides. On one of my most recent visits to school it was made clear to me, by students, that they have a real sense that everyone in school cares for them. This sentiment will go a long way in helping students to thrive at school and achieve their future ambitions. As a Trust, we are proud of South Shore Academy and all that they have achieved so far on their journey of improvement.”

You can download a full version of the report by clicking here Ofsted Report