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We believe that all students should be supported, stretched and challenged in every lesson during their school-based education so that they can achieve and make choices to help them to live a happy, successful life.

Each child is unique and therefore needs individualised education, information, advice and guidance to enable them to make aspirational life choices so that they succeed and can meet with potential.

Our career policy outlines the framework, context and implementation in more detail.

Each student in the academy will choose two careers pathways to explore during that academic year – this may include visits, workshops, speakers, conferences and interviews. The student will make new choices each year, so that they can adjust according to experiences and changing interests or remain with one particular pathway if it is meeting their needs.

Challenge Cohort (our more academically able) students will have personalised aspirational elements within each pathway; these are open to all students, but highly encouraged for the CC students.

Students receive a 1:1 careers interview with an independent, qualified and highly experienced careers adviser – follow up appointments can be arranged to meet students’ needs.

Weekly Careers Exploration

Students have a careers portfolio which they will work through during one form time every week. This gives students the time to consider and research different aspects of their future and explore the opportunities available to them. Form tutors will also discuss their progress through their portfolio during tutorials, this will help students to identify priority areas to work on and understand the link between the progress they are making in lessons and their futures.

Careers Week

Students in Y10 and 11 will participate in a careers week which will give students a range of opportunities to meet and speak with professionals in a wide range of careers, to speak to training providers, colleges and universities and to explore their interests in more depth. Students will also take part in a range of workshops on topics such as CV building, apprenticeship vs. university, writing a personal statement, employability and interview skills.  Each student will end the week with a written CV, personal statement and will have the opportunity to apply for jobs, go through the application process, interview with local business providers and receive feedback.

Medical Pathways

Students considering applying to medical school will have a wide range of opportunities to clarify whether or not they want to commit to such an exciting and demanding profession. Students in KS4 will have the opportunity to go to an “Applying to Medical School” conference run by the Student BMJ. Students will also have opportunities to join the Medical Society – run by students with supervision and support which invites medical professionals in a range of different careers to come and speak to students.

Work Experience

Students take place in a one week placement near the end of Y10. The purpose of work experience is for students to have an insight into a career path which they are interested in pursuing. Work experience placements must therefore by arranged or chosen accordingly and show the student has thought through their options and is going to gain the maximum insight and experience from this week. Prior planning and preparation is therefore crucial and students who are struggling to find or arrange a beneficial placement will be supported and given a range of opportunities to clarify their interests. Following the week students will have an afternoon to reflect on and consider what they have learnt from the opportunity – this may cause them to alter their career pathway or it may consolidate their interest and commitment to a particular sector. Follow up careers appointments are available following this week to ensure students receive timely and pertinent advice and guidance prior to their final year at the academy.

 Bespoke CEIAG

Students all receive a professional careers appointment with a qualified careers adviser – follow up appointments can also be booked at any time. All students choose a first and second choice of career pathway to explore during the year; this is flexible so that it can be adjusted according to each student’s unique needs and interests.

CC students will receive bespoke aspirational opportunities and workshops such as attending “Getting into Medical School Conference”, Oxbridge workshops, PhD mentoring, support and visits to local universities and challenging work placements.

University Access Programmes

Challenge Cohort students in Year 9 will have the opportunity to apply for the highly competitive Insight programme with the University of Cambridge. This programme is designed to help students to start thinking about the choices they will be making about higher education and their future. The core of the programme is exploring different subjects, as well as an introduction to university like and information about their future studies.

Students in Year 10 will have the opportunity to apply for Junior University with the University of Central Lancashire which offers an insight into life at university, subjects offered, employability and team building.

Challenge Cohort students in Year 11 will also be able to attend Oxbridge workshops about different subjects, entry to Oxbridge, personal statements and support and guidance for their present and future studies.

Students in all year groups will also have opportunities to attend workshops, visits and conferences at the University of Cumbria and students in KS4 will also have opportunities to work with Lancaster University undergraduates within certain topic areas.