English:  Key Stage 3

“With knowledge and resilience, the possibilities are endless.” 

English has the potential to change a young person’s world because it enables them to challenge a point of view which may have been presented to them in a variety of forms and ways.  The ability to articulate, develop and defend an opinion comes from the acquisition of a rich vocabulary and a lively sense of enquiry, all of which are fostered by exposure to a wide variety of Language and Literature. 

Curriculum Intent: 

Our students will gain a wide range of world knowledge and study the best of what has been written and said.  Students will look deeply at topics and world issues through a wide variety of texts.  They will be given the opportunity to discuss ideas and to form their own opinions.  Through this approach, students will learn a variety of skills which they will need both in exams and in the wider world.  Our aim is to help to support our students to develop into well-rounded future citizens. 


By the end of year 7:  

  • Write a description using nouns and noun phrases, adjectives and adverbs  
  • Use a range of sentences – simple, compound, complex  
  • Summarise a range of information, both fiction and non-fiction  
  • Write in a specific non-fiction style  
  • Embed a quotation to demonstrate understanding 

By the end of year 8 

  • Write a narrative account, including description; create a character  
  • Use a range of sentences and a range of punctuation, including subordinate clauses and parenthesis  
  • Use the language of comparison when approaching literature  
  • Give a personal and evidence-based response to a text  
  • Embed and evaluate a quotation 

By the end of year 9 

  • Write a narrative, using different structures such as flashback and changes of voice  
  • Write a range of transactional pieces, including report and advice  
  • Analyse a range of quotations, tracking and covering a text  
  • Evaluate a text  
  • Evaluate and compare texts 


  • An understanding of how the world has changed through a rich variety of historical texts. 
  • An understanding of issues which will affect their future lives such as climate change and the environment. 
  • Knowledge of cultures around the world and their deep and rich variety of traditions and beliefs. 
  • A diet of both classic and modern literature. 
  • Knowledge of world leaders and important historical figures; how they have shaped our current world. 
  • The ability to think for themselves and form their own opinions. 

English Key Stage 4

Course Information:  

Each of our units has an overarching theme which encompasses fiction, non-fiction, poetry and a variety of reading and writing tasks.  There is always opportunity for deeper study and discussion of any issues which arise.  Throughout each unit we have instilled an increasingly challenging skillset in order for our students to make rapid progress.  Alongside this we include a rich diet of literature and reading.