Whole School Literacy

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.” Barack Obama, 44th President of United States of America.


Two-year plan:

There are 3 main priorities for literacy this year. These are:

• Assessing, addressing and tracking reading and decoding issues

• Promote consistent reading strategies across the curriculum

• Promote consistent vocabulary strategies across the curriculum


Future priorities include:

1. Continue to promote reading for pleasure across the curriculum

2. Improve the quality (confidence, fluency, length/duration) of classroom talk

3. Provide a wide and varied programme of literacy enrichment activities

4. Support parents to support their children with literacy across the curriculum


Register and Read

From September 2019, students in Year 7 – Year 10 will read every morning. Below is a link to the books they will be reading, the books have been chosen by staff from across the school and reflect our dynamic and culturally rich school.

Register and Read YEAR 7 

Year 7 books with blurbs

Register and Read YEAR 8

Year 8 books with blurbs

Register and Read YEAR 9

Year 9 books with blurbs

Register and Read YEAR 10

Year 10 books with blurbs

Register   register and read



All students are reading age and spelling age tested. This, along with evidence from teachers about progress in lessons, allows us to create a literacy profile for each child. Some students will be identified as needing additional support to access the curriculum. These students will have targeted intervention (either two-to-one or small group), reading lessons and DofE buddy reading support (Y7 and 8 students). Students are closely monitored to check their progress.

Looking for a good book to support your understanding  of your subjects?

Recommended Books