Drama is a flourishing department within the Expressive Arts Faculty, it has excellent results at both KS3 and KS4.

The Drama department is well equipped, having a purpose built studio. Pupils need to wear pumps for their drama lesson.

Drama has much to offer in terms of personal and social development, and our teaching styles cater for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.

Years 7, 8 + 9 students study Drama on a carousel for three 1 hour lessons during three, three week blocks for a total of 9 weeks a year = 27 lessons.

Key Stage 3

Mime, Narration, Starting Freeze frame, Marking the moment, Finishing Freeze frame, Physical theatre, Thought tracking, Unseen character, Cross cutting, Hot –seating, Multi role, stepping out of the action, spontaneous improvisation, Greek chorus, role-play, forum theatre.

A GCSE Drama course is offered to students studying Drama at KS4.

Year 10 GCSE Drama is currently taught during 2 one hour lessons a week.


Key Stage 4

Explorative strategies – Still image, Thought-tracking, Narrating, Hot-seating, Role play, Cross-cutting, Forum theatre and Marking the moment. Elements of drama – Action/plot/content, Forms, Climax/anti-climax, Rhythm/pace/tempo and Contrasts Drama mediums – The use of costume, masks and/or make-up, sound and/or music, lighting, space and/or levels, set and/or props, movement, mime and gesture, voice and spoken language.

Pupils study extracts from a variety of texts and the whole text of Blood Brothers.

Year 11 GCSE Drama is currently taught during 3 one hour lessons a week.

Unit 1 Drama Exploration • Internally assessed (1st half term Year 11) 30% of the GCSE• six 1 hour practical exploration workshops. Documentary response (recommended max 2000 words).

Unit 2 Exploring A Play Text  BLOOD BROTHERS • Internally assessed (2nd half term Year 11) 30% of the GCSE • six 1hour practical exploration workshops of a play text. Documentary response (recommended max 1000 words).

There is also a Documentary response to live theatre (recommended max 2000 words).

Unit 3 Drama Performance • Externally assessed (Create + rehearse February –April. Exam May) 40% of the GCSE.

Students will present their work as performers in a single performance to an examiner appointed by Edexcel in groups of 3 (15mins performance) or 4 (20mins performance).

Drama also collaborates with Dance and Music to produce an annual Christmas show and Musical for example 2007 Little Shop of Horrors, 2008 High School Musical, 2009 The Sound of Music, 2010 Annie, 2011Bugsy Malone, 2012 Return to the Forbidden Planet and in 2014 Grease.

Drama is a vibrant, popular subject with many successful candidates going on to do further studies in drama after leaving.