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ICT is a tool that can be used to enhance the learning in other subjects. We encourage students to be able to transfer their skills across the curriculum and make informed decisions on how best to use their ICT skills to enhance their work.

KS3/KS4 ICT/Computer Science



At KS3 students study a hybrid curriculum encompassing both Information Communication Technology and Computer Science. Students will become familiar and competent at using office based software to interpret, display and communicate information, learning how to program on a variety of platforms and understand the basic principles of computer science.


ICT OCR Cambridge Nationals

This is a vocationally-related qualification that takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The everyday use of ICT, from PCs to smartphones, now impacts all of our lives. This new Cambridge Nationals in ICT reflects this and will provide students with a solid understanding of the subject that students can use in their working lives.

This qualification will be useful in any job role as the course prepares students for using ICT in business and demonstrates a level of computer literacy to future employers.


This exciting GCSE gives students fantastic opportunities to work with a variety of technologies and allows them to flourish in areas such as web design, games design or programming, making it engaging and enjoyable to study.

The qualification has been designed to nurture digital literacy and provide students with up-to-date skills, knowledge and understanding of the rapidly developing digital world.

GCSE IT Specification

Extra curricular activities

The ICT area opens Monday and Wednesday lunchtime to allow students to use the facilities. Students use the ICT facilities to extend their work. This resource is fully supervised by staff.