Life Skills for SSA Students
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9th December 2019

Mrs Parkinson has been running an after school project with students to help in developing their social education.

The students have shown great commitment over the 7 week project and this has helped to develop their essential life skills and highlight the importance and relevance of education and learning. Students looked at budgets in their maths classes, healthy eating in the dining hall, menu and invitation writing in english and transport in geography. This all took place after school with the students giving up their free time to participate.

The whole project culminated in the students choosing the menu and cooking a 3 course meal for their parents/carers, teachers and the headteacher. The students were amazing and there were some astounded parents/carers at the level of skill and aptitude shown by the children. These life skills will help prepare them for their future lives as well as giving them an opportunity to shine. They were so good at the problem solving, logistics and customer service maybe Alan Sugar would be interested for his next Apprentice!