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Meet our new Anti Bullying Ambassadors
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19th March 2018

On Wednesday 14th March our new Anti Bullying Ambassadors went to Highfield Leadership Academy to train as Anti Bullying Ambassadors as part of the Diana Award (Charity Legacy to Princess Diana).  The training gave them inspiration, ideas and top tips that they will need to prevent bullying and ensure everyone feels safe and happy in our school.  Our new Anti Bullying Ambassadors are Hope Hardie, Christopher Reid, Bethan Davies, Lewis Boyle, William Clarke, Syed Hassan-Ali, Robert McKenna, Zak Thomson and Jessica James.

A Special mention to Hope Hardie who was chosen as Anti-Bullying Ambassador of the day and to Zak Thomson and Christopher Reid who were chosen as Ambassador Leader and Deputy.

We all look forward to seeing the new Anti Bullying Ambassadors work around school


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