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10th October 2017

Miss Turnbull – Year 7

My name is Miss Turnbull and I am excited to be head of year 7 at this fantastic school. My people skills and passion to inspire young people has lead me to this role. Going from primary to secondary school can be an exciting but daughting time. New subjects to get your head around, the fact you now have lots of teachers and of course new classmates to make friends with. Your child might feel very nervous and I am here to support and reassure them during this transition. I will be following year 7 on their journey to year 11, assisting them in their development as they mature into young adults.  We offer a rich curriculum from year 7-11, which will prepare students for the future. We will be helping students navigate the complex world of online information, protecting them and teaching them to protect themselves.

I help students apply classroom lessons to the real world showing them the importance of both academic content and skills like communication, creativity and problem solving. Our well prepared, high quality teachers work with parents and families to challenge each child appropriately and help students achieve.

We want all our pupils to be happy well-adjusted and fulfilled. It is my duty that every child is given a safe learning experience over their five years at south shore academy. As a learning community we aim to grow together in understanding and cooperation. Respecting each other’s needs beliefs and background. Working ever more closely to fulfil individual potential for the greater good. Together with families and local community south shore academy is dedicated to helping our young people develop a lifelong love for learning. Everyone here has the opportunity to be the best they can be.


Miss Senior – Year 8

My name is Miss Senior, I am head of year 8 at this amazing, inclusive school. I have worked here for several years and feel this is the most exciting part of my own personal journey.

My drive, passion and experience have supplied me with the skills for this role and the journey ahead of us. As a year group, we are actively involved in school life and are working really well together as a team.

Our journey started in year 5, where students from Primary schools were invited to our school to experience taster sessions. Lots of students have never experienced a lot of subjects before. In year 6 several transition visits were arranged and the start of friendships were formed. Lots of friendships remain today. At South shore transition is a major factor in students settling into our school.

As a year group we are quite competitive, we are the leading year group in Attendance and we have lots of sporting stars who take part in the Bright futures sporting events. We have lots of assemblies to celebrate our successes.

At South shore we feel every child is unique and with our varied, rich curriculum from years 7-11. We ensure all students achieve and fulfil their potential. We are committed to giving our students a quality education and ensure staff have outstanding support to help them excel. Our challenge cohort students are stretched and challenged further to prepare them for entry into the country’s top Universities.

South shore has a lot of extra curricular opportunities that our year group are in involved in. We work hard to ensure every single child reaches their full potential, making sure no child is left behind. Every pupil, parent and teacher at our school will know that they are part of an organisation that offers a quality education that guarantees real choices for every child. As a community we remain committed to working with the community and parents/carers.

Some of our students in our year group have joined our Saturday school, also known as ‘Shine’. Here the students get involved in lots of exciting activities where they learn whilst having fun, they even get to taste home grown food. At the end of the summer term the Shine students went on a 3 day adventure trip.

Our journey continues as a year group into our fabulous new school, there are lots of new facilities so it is quite an exciting time. At the end of the year we will also be able to choose our options ready for our move up into Year 9.


Mr Porter – Year 9

I am Mr Porter,

I have currently worked at South Shore academy for 3 years.

Prior to this I worked for Lancashire police for 11 years and was attached to a High school in a multi agency role for 4 years. I gained a vast amount of experience and developed the tools needed to work with a variety of students from all walks of life .

I joined my year group half way through year 7 and together our journey has evolved.

I currently run the year 9 football team, and it is refreshing to see the dedication, commitment and enthusiasm the group has. I have been fortunate to follow my year group to year 9 and watch as they grow and become confident and articulate young people with a passion for learning. We appreciate that every student is unique and may struggle in certain areas, but we ensure all students have the same opportunities and feel safe and secure whilst providing a positive learning environment.

I believe now is an important time in their school lives and having picked their options and maturing into young adults, I am expecting our year 9 students to progress and work hard in all subjects, to enable them to achieve their best possible outcomes. We closely monitor all students progress and encourage them to aim high and be the best they can possibly be .

We believe that all students should be supported, stretched and challenged in every lesson during their school-based education so that they can achieve and make choices to help them to live a happy, successful life.


Mrs Gee – Year 10

My name is Mrs Gee, I am proud to say that I am Head of year 10 here at South Shore Academy. I can personally say that I believe this school can offer any child a full and extensive curriculum, I say this as a parent who has invested my own 2 children’s education at the school. I am proud of the journey they have taken, the support they were given and all that they achieved from the exceptional team of teacher that I work with.

I am also a parent governor at SSA as I wanted to have involvement in the running and management of the school.

I have extensive experience in working within education, not only within main stream school but also within pupil referral units with young people who could not manage within the main stream systems.

I have a passion in making a difference to the outcomes of the young people that I work with. I strongly believe in developing pupils as independent learners as all students need to be fully equipped with the correct skills to enable them to succeed in their chosen path whether it be into further education or employment.

I firmly believe that our students at SSA thrive with the learning opportunities and the support that is provided in our ever improving school, which has shown year on year improvements with our GCSE results.

The learning skills which are provided through our rich curriculum will be transferable and will equip our student to deal better with the outside world on their chosen pathway.

I am privileged to be on the journey with your children, watching them grow and achieve. I will be there on GCSE day to help them celebrate.


Mr Varley – Year 11

I have been working for the school for over 6 years now and became their Head of Year towards the end of Year 7. I have accompanied them to Year 11 on their educational journey, supporting their every need in order to help them achieve.
Being attached to and following this group whom I am proud of from Year 7 to Year 11 has enabled me to understand the individual needs of each child.
I have developed good professional relationships with students and their guardians within the South Shore community, supporting families with the needs of their child’s welfare and education for the best chance of every success for their bright and rewarding futures.

Over time, I have proudly become devoted to every single one of them and want them to achieve their very best as their final year in secondary education commences. My support will follow them through their adult lives and into their chosen career paths.

This year we are looking forward to celebrating their success and hard work at the Year 11 Leavers’ Prom in June.
However, before we can look forward to this rewarding evening, we all have a busy and challenging few months ahead with GCSE exams and coursework.  I have every faith in all of them to perform their very best and work hard, not only as individuals but as a whole year group whom I’m very proud of!