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10th July 2017

Dear Families


The journey to ‘Outstanding’ and beyond at South Shore Academy is firmly established. As we prepare to move into our innovative new building and coach students to be ready to take their place in a competitive and global 21st Century we would like to propose a change to the academy day. The changes are designed to ensure that your child is ready for the world of work through a programme called ‘Every Day is an Interview’, maximise opportunities for highly personalised learning through individual support and challenge workshops, increase access to enrichment opportunities through a programme called ‘Build My Future’, whilst providing high quality professional development for staff as we improve the quality of learning and teaching and so continue to transform the life chances of the young people entrusted into our care. Consequently, having consulted with our staff and Governing Body we wish to provide students and their families with an opportunity to respond to the proposals.


The changes would result in an earlier start and finish to the academy day. Learning would start at 08.30 each day. This will require students to be on site from 08.20 and we will continue to welcome students into our Breakfast Club in the new Bistro from 08.00 each day. Most students would finish at 14.35 Monday – Wednesday, with some students benefiting from additional challenge and support workshops up until 15.35. Students will be invited to attend these sessions in advance in order to provide sufficient notice for families. We want to focus on improving the transition from primary to secondary for our new Year 7 cohort and so we will focus on intervention with this year group from September to October in 2017. On a Thursday and Friday, formal learning will come to a close at 14.15. This will facilitate additional professional development for our staff. An independent study club will provide opportunities for those students that need additional supervision until 15.00 each day – our existing closing time. The early finishing time will also mean that we can host earlier Parental Engagement evenings.


An exciting new programme at the end of each academy day called ‘Build My Future’ will provide enrichment opportunities for all year groups Monday to Wednesday. These will build softer employability skills alongside character, mental toughness and resilience. Finally, Year 11 students will be introduced to personal coaching in order to build independence in learning.


The link below provides a detailed summary of the proposed new academy day. If you wish to provide feedback then you should not hesitate to contact the Main Office in the first instance.

Transforming the Academy Day at South Shore Parental Consultation

Consultation ends on Friday 14th July.

Yours sincerely

Ms Jane Bailey