New Build Update – January 2017
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6th February 2017

Work on the new build is now approximately one week behind the contract programme. The high winds and heavy rain we have experienced over the past few weeks are affecting the roofing and brickwork despite a number of temporary waterproofing measures being put in place. This is having a knock-on effect with the mechanical and electrical works inside the building. A number of the plasterboard partitions have been damaged and will need to be replaced.

All windows are installed in the main building, the curtain wall is near completion, insulation and render has commenced to the internal courtyard. The brickwork has almost been completed, scaffolds are being dropped and the north east elevation should be finished by the end of the month, weather permitting. Roof lights are being installed in the main roof area.

Internally, temporary heating has been introduced to assist with drying out the plaster. Areas of water damaged plasterboard have been identified and are being removed. Mechanical and electrical works are progressing in all circulation areas, first fix joinery has commenced with door and window frames being installed.

In the sports hall cladding is almost complete and installation of the windows will begin week commencing Monday 23 January 2017.

The next event being planned is the burial of a time capsule, which will be provided by Morgan Sindall. South Shore Academy students will be asked to create items which illustrate memories of their current school life together with their aspirations for the future. We are looking at burying the capsule during the week commencing Monday 20 February 2017.

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