New School Steel Signing Event
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26th October 2016

Steel signing event Tuesday 25 October 2016

The local management of Morgan Sindall facilitated another event for pupils and staff of South Shore Academy today when a group visited the construction site of the new sports hall to sign the steel work.

Pupils from each year group joined some of our longest serving members of staff, and some who had previously attended the school as pupils, to sign the steel girders which make up the skeleton of the sports hall. The event was recorded for posterity as the girders are to be cladded before being incorporated into the fabric of the building over the next few weeks.

Work on the construction site continues to be ahead of schedule. All four walls of the main building are cladded to protect them from the wind and rain, and the roof has been sealed. Some windows are in place and work on the external brick walls has started. Internal spaces can now be recognised and visitors can more easily distinguish classrooms, offices, science labs and workrooms. A rota of visits has been arranged for prefect year groups during the half term to Christmas 2016. The prefects will then be asked to feed back their experiences to their contemporaries. A similar rota has been arranged for staff in team/faculty groups.


Steel Signing 4      Steel Signing 1

Steel Signing 2                            Steel Signing 3