Outward Bound Expereince
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27th April 2018

30 year 9 pupils went on a outward bound residential experience from the 16th to 20th April 2018 as part of the “HSBC and Outward Bound Trust Compass Programme”. The key objectives of the programme for young people were to ; broaden horizons and self-awareness, increase determination and perseverance, increase self-confidence and raise expectations/aspirations, improve teamwork and social skills.

Amelia Fitzpatrick in Year 9 Quoted as saying:

“Whilst being on the outward bound trip I have developed new skills and abilities. I have become a lot more confident. I have been challenged a lot this week and thought I couldn’t do it but I had self-belief and did it and made it to the end. I have learnt that no one is perfect and that everyone is in the same place” 

The Outward Bound Trust Manager quoted as saying:

I have just watched 2 dozen or so tired but happy young students boarding the bus before they start their journey back to Blackpool. Such has been my experience with Steve Horrocks and his team this week.

Our instructors, your staff, the HSBC ambassadors & most importantly the young people themselves had some amazing adventures in some very trying Cumbrian weather. (It has been quite some time since i have witnessed Force 8 winds on the lake followed by blazing sunshine and 22o). They acquitted themselves admirably and achieved a great deal in the short time they were here. They have seen and experienced things which 99% of the population never will; or more probably will view second hand through the likes of You Tube!

They have displayed both collectively & individually, teamwork, resilience, empathy & compassion.

Regrettably, the nature of my job usually means I am contacting a school’s Senior Management because things have been less than ideal. In this instance I wanted to personally inform you that your staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for the students & have totally embraced the Outward Bound ethos, developing some great working relationships with our instructors.

It is without hesitation that I say your staff and pupils are a credit to both you and the school and I for one would welcome them back to Ullswater at any time.

I wish you all the very best for the future & during their school career.

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