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Alliance for Learning


All students are expected to wear the school uniform and parental cooperation is essential.

Parents are encouraged to contact the school for advice if they have any doubt before buying an item of uniform.


Most of the items can be obtained at the usual clothing shops and department stores, however, items must adhere to the colours and styles indicated.  All items of the uniform, including the school tie, blazer, jumper and PE Kit are available from 1st Class Kids, 106-108 Highfield Road, Blackpool, FY4 2JF.

Uniform Expectations

GirlsUniform Girl

  • Standard knee length, Black pleated skirt (with school
    logo) or Black school trousers (not bootleg)
  • Black Opaque tights or Black socks
  • White school shirt (top button fastened), with a suitable collar for the tie
  • Black school shoes – no trainers
  • School Blazer (with School Logo)



BoysUniform Boy

  • Black school trousers
  • Black socks
  • White school shirt (top button fastened), with a suitable collar for the tie
  • Black school shoes – no trainers
  • School Blazer (with School Logo)


PE Kit – Boys

  • SSA Polo T Shirt
  • Black Shorts or Black Training Pants (optional)
  • SSA Zip Up Tracksuit Top (optional)


PE Kit – Girls

  • SSA Polo T Shirt
  • Black Shorts, Black Skirt (optional) or Leggings (optional)
  • SSA Zip Up Tracksuit Top (optional)



A watch may be worn at the students own risk.  No rings are allowed.  Earrings must not be worn, though a single stud can be worn in each ear.

Writing Materials

As a minimum, students must provide a pen, pencil and ruler for all lessons.

School Bags

A suitable bag is essential for carrying school books and equipment.  It is essential that the bag has a name of the owner written in.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are allowed within school but must not be used in classes unless explicitly directed to by a member of staff. Students caught using their phones against their teachers wishes will have them confiscated.


To maintain the positive ethos of the school, we ask that all students maintain hairstyles suitable for school.  The school reserves the right to consider what constitutes an inappropriate hairstyle, and may send students home if deemed necessary. 


No facial piercing’s are allowed.

Protective Clothing

Some form of protection is often advisable when working in Art.  The teacher will inform students as necessary.

The Health & Safety regulations requires that protective clothing be worn in certain practical lessons:


Students working in laboratories must wear protective goggles and plastic gloves when using chemicals and/or apparatus. Both of these items are provided by school and students will be asked to wear them at appropriate times throughout the lesson.


Students need to provide an apron and wear protective goggles when working in technology.  (School will provide the goggles)

Ideally all items/garments need to be clearly labelled on the inside with the name of the student to help with the speedy return of lost items.