Register and Read at South Shore Academy
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1st March 2019
January saw the launch of the SSA “Register and Read” programme, an exciting new reading curriculum which is delivered in form time. SSA leadership team are committed to ensuring our students are reading high-quality materials regularly throughout the school day.

During form time, students read a wide variety of texts, chosen specifically to enhance reading capability, share a love of literature and boost vocabulary as well as cultural and curriculum awareness.  Students are developing stamina for reading and are enjoying being read to by their form tutors.

The Academy Leadership Team read with students this week. Mrs Warhurst stated that she loved the opportunity to spend some time reading The Curious Incident with Year 8.


Some facts:

•       There is overwhelming evidence that literacy has a significant relationship to people’s life chances.

•       A person with low literacy is more likely to have reduced work-opportunities.

•       Only 40% of England’s ten year olds have a positive attitude to reading.

•       70% of pupils permanently excluded from school have difficulties in basic literacy skills.


How can you find books to enjoy?

•       Find a book with a connection to something you love (fiction or non-fiction)

•       Ask for a recommended reads list, or ask your teacher or the librarian for ideas

•       Go to a library or bookstore, look at the covers and read the blurbs

•       Read the book version of a movie

•       Try graphic novels or funny books


What if you find reading hard?

•       Try audiobooks – you can get them for free from Blackpool libraries or there are lots on Youtube.

•       Read to your pet or younger sibling. It will help you feel more confident.

•       Put away your device for an hour a day so that you can have more time to read.