Religious Education

The study of RE will provoke challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, rights and wrongs and what it means to be human. Our intent is for our students to learn about and from religion and worldwide views in local, national and global contexts in order to discover, explore and consider different answers to these questions.

We aim for our students to know and understand a number of religious and worldwide views so that they can describe, explain and analyse beliefs and practices, recognising the diversity which exists within and between communities and amongst individuals.

We aim for students to appreciate and assess the nature, value, significance and impact of different ways of life and ways of expressing meaning. Additionally, to be able to explain reasonably their own ideas about how beliefs, practices and forms of expression influence individuals and communities.

Key skills of empathy, respect and tolerance of different religions and worldwide views is important in an ever-changing diverse world and through the development of these skills our students will be able to participate positively in our society.

Subject Religous Education – Implementation and Impact