September 2017 – Return Dates
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5th September 2017

Students will return in September on a staggered enrollment (Induction Day).  During their first day they will have their photograph taken and be asked to provide us with up to date contact details. (Please can you ensure that your child has this information).

 Year Group  Date  Time
 Year 7 Only  Friday 8th September  8.30am – 2.15pm
 Year 8 Only  Monday 11th September  8.30am – 2.15pm
 Year 9 Only  Tuesday 12th September 8.30am – 2.15pm
 Year 10 Only  Wednesday 13th September 8.30am  – 2.15pm
 Year 11 Only  Thursday 14th September 8.30am – 2.15pm
 All Year’s Return  Friday 15th September 8.30am – 2.15pm

Please note that each year group have been allocated one day to enroll so after this day students will not return until Friday 15th September.