Well Done Bailey
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21st January 2022

Bailey who is one of our very own students at South Shore Academy has won a scholarship at the Royal Shakespeare Company.  Bailey was chosen ahead of thousands of other drama students who’s dream was also to be awarded the scholarship.  He was scouted initially at a Blackpool Grand Theatre workshop where he caught the eye of representatives who were on the look out for new scholars.

Mrs Vanstone (Head of Performing Arts) Quoted as saying  “Shakespeare can be a barrier for a lot of young people. The language is old fashioned, and a lot of kids are very scared of it, but Bailey really sees how it’s relevant to our lives today. Acting the plays is so different to reading it lifts the words off the page. Bailey’s success has boosted interest in Shakespeare in the school. They were so excited to hear the news. Even though it’s Shakespeare, it’s the fact that he’s been asked to join a professional company”

This Fantastic News also made the Blackpool Gazette, please click on the link to read more:

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