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Year 11 Easter School Timetable
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23rd March 2015

There are a number of Classes over the Easter Holidays for year 11’s to attend, please see the below timetable.

 Date  Subject  Time
 Monday 30th March  English  10am – 3pm
 Monday 30th March  Business Studies  10am – 3pm
 Tuesday 31st March  Maths  10am – 3pm
 Wednesday 1st April  Science  10am – 3pm
 Wednesday 1st April  R.E  10am – 3pm
 Thursday 2nd April  History  10am – 3pm
 Thursday 2nd April  Geography  10am – 3pm
 Thursday 9th April  Drama  10am – 3pm
 Friday 10th April  Art  9am – 3pm

Please can students enter via the Student Entrance.

For more information please contact Mrs Morton on 336500.