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Year 11 Timetable (Easter Holidays)
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30th March 2017

During the Easter Holidays year 11 students will be able to access support in a range of subjects.  Please see the table below.

Day Time Subject Room
 Monday 3rd April  10.00 – 1pm  RE  HU3
 Monday 3rd April  10.00 – 2pm  BTEC PE  IT5
 Tuesday 4th April  9.00 – 3pm  Resistant Materials  DT1/DT2
 Tuesday 4th April  9.00 – 2pm  Business  IT5
 Tuesday 4th April.  10.30 – 2pm  Geography  ML4
 Wednesday 5th April  10.00 – 2pm  Maths  MA1, MA2, MA3 & MA4
 Wednesday 12th April  10.00 – 2pm  English  Hall
Thursday 13th April 9.30 – 3pm Science Hall, SC1, SC2, SC4, SC5 & SC6

Please Enter Via the Student Reception.