7 Day Summer Challenge “She moves mountains”
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19th June 2018

Two South Shore Academy pupils have been selected by the Outward Bound Trust to undertake a 50% funded North Face 7 Day Serious Adventure “She Moves Mountains” Course (for girls) in their Summer Holidays.

Both girls, Amie and Tyler have jumped at the chance following their successful Year 9 Ullswater Outward Bound Trip and enrolled themselves on the fantastic adventure to take place in Aberdovy,Wales from 18th to 24th August.

Mr Horrocks quoted as saying “It is a great credit to both girls that the staff at Ullswater identified these 2 young people from our school to be given this opportunity following our recent trip. It is a fantastic reward for both of them and something I know they will remember for the rest of their lives. It will benefit them, not just physically but more importantly, mentally and develop that real sense of mental resilience that is so important for success in life. Girls you create your own luck in life and I know you will have a challenging but brilliant experience. Good luck”