A Message to our Class of 2021
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15th July 2021


What a time 2021 is becoming. The last 18 months have provided a world shift that nobody could have expected or anticipated. It is really easy to be glass half empty at the moment, to see the things we have missed out on, the plans we couldn’t make and the parties we haven’t attended. I know for many of the Year 11 students, the loss of a Prom and Exams has hit hard, and it will remain with them throughout their adult life, that their last years at school were almost lost to a pandemic.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be Head of Year to the Class of 2021. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be here when they arrived as Year 7, but taking them on in Year 9 was a challenge and joy! Watching these wonderful young people grow in personality, ability, confidence and stature has been so rewarding and a joy. As the year group leave South Shore Academy I know they will go on to be successful young adults with their bright futures ahead of them. My favourite part of doing this role for 15 years is bumping into former pupils and hearing how happy and successful they have gone onto be personally and academically, and I cant wait to hear the same of this year group.

Watching the year arrive through the guard of honour, was indeed an honour. The whole school, over 700 people, braved the rain and the cold to show respect for the people year 11 have become, and I hope that is a memory they cherish forever. For the class of 2021, this year may not have been normal by any account, but for the majority, they have ploughed on regardless and have faced the daily challenges with confidence, courage and commitment. The dedication and hard work the year group have given to your subjects and GCSE studies, all whilst juggling jobs, responsibility, and life outside of school is commendable. All of year 11 deserve the reignition of being a bright star or superhero, but staff took the time to vote for year 11 in a series of awards. There were some close calls, and some stand out winners, it would have been nice to award everyone, but in life there are winners, and these were our overall champions:

 Resilience Award:

Lewis Openshaw

 Respect Award:

Kyle Shakesphere

 Ambition Award:

Nicole Sheard

 Best Attendance:

Emily Howard

 Positivity Award:

Tyler Timmins

 Progress Award:

Dylan Yates

 Dedication Award:

Charlotte Carr

 Most helpful pupil:

Jack Husband

 Kindest pupil:

Sumiyaa Choudhary

 Most supportive pupil:

Kaitlyn Morton

 Most likely to become Prime Minister:

Alfie Martin

 Most Likely to become SSA Head Teacher:

Mazzie Clarke

 Most Likely to become a Hollywood Movie star:

Jorgia Rickerby

 Most Likely to become Insta famous:

Reagan Fiander

 English High Achiever:

Paula Oshemare

 Maths High Achiever:

Alyssia Boxall

 Science High Achiever:

Nazim Ahmed

 Humanities High Achiever:

Paul Nash

 Performing Arts High Achiever:

Chelsea Mason

 Creative Arts High Achiever:

Maddison Daly

 Vocational Awards High Achiever:

Sarah Chambers


The SSA Form Superstar award

 A: Anastacia Simmons

B: Ethan Woolf

C: Taighlor Fallon

D: Polly Ann Lobban

E: Shefat Hassan

F: Ben Dixon


Head of Year Award x 3

 Nathan McMahon:

Maddison Amuche

Lexi Penfold


Finally, I would like to take the opportunity on  behalf of the school, teachers and support staff of wishing all of year 11 the success and happiness they deserve in the future, and a huge thank you to all of the supportive people at home who have ensured that their child took advantage of what South Shore Academy had to offer, it has been a pleasure working with so many wonderful families. Thank you, all the very best Mrs Hartley.