Blackpool Beating Bullying
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3rd March 2021

Blackpool Beating Bullying

Blackpool Beating Bullying is a campaign that was set up by young people, for young people, with the overall aim of reducing bullying that unfortunately may sometimes occur in Blackpool Schools.

Our young people highlighted that bullying in schools is one of the most common issues that young people face, with 23% of Blackpool secondary school students saying that they had been bullied within school or near the school’s location in the last 12 months (Blackpool SHEU, 2019). Using their own personal experiences, young people articulated how bullying has an impact on victims, which may often be dismissed.

What is the aim of #BlackpoolBeatingBullying?

The aim of #BlackpoolBeatingBullying, is to decrease bullying across the town, by co-producing a charter mark to help implement whole systems change. The campaign group have worked tirelessly to look at what they feel does not work within schools, within the policies, and with the overall way that schools deal with bullying. When developing the charter mark, our young people have turned the negative things into criteria, with the aim of this reducing how much it happens / occurs in schools. In a town where only 36 % of pupils in secondary schools think that their school takes bullying seriously, our young people saw that there is a massive need for change to occur on a wider scale, where a culture shift occurs across the town (Blackpool SHEU, 2019). By implementing a charter mark within Blackpool schools, our young people aim to ensure schools are equipped with a set of tools and mechanisms to help decrease bullying across the whole town.

The young people found that there are only 3 other anti-bullying charter marks in the UK. These are all based in the South of the country and none of them have the views and opinions of young people within them. As a group of strong and passionate young people, they decided it was time to change that, and began to work on their own charter mark!

The charter mark that has been developed has three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. They all incorporate key issues that young people highlighted as being important such as having the anti-bullying policy on show, in an accessible place, in an accessible manner – i.e. printed in yellow or a large font. Resilient therapy is also imbedded within the charter mark, with young people ensuring school’s are using the Resilience Framework to help increase young people’s mental wellbeing and resilience.

In line with the above please could we ask for parents/carers to fill out the survey below with their feedback.

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