Changes to the school day
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13th May 2015

Following on from meetings with students and discussions with local Primary Schools, we have recognised that some families have difficulty in arriving at school for 8.35 a.m.  This is often due to transport limitations, or to the logistics of dropping younger siblings at Primary Schools.

We have therefore agreed that after half term, there will be changes to the school day, as follows:

Period 1 8.50 a.m. 9.50 a.m.
Period 2 9.50 a.m. 10.50 a.m.
Break 10.50 a.m. 11.05 a.m.
Period 3 11.05 a.m. 12.05 p.m.
Period 4 12.05 p.m. 1.05 p.m.
Lunch 1.05 p.m. 1.40 p.m.
Form 1.40 p.m. 2.00 p.m.
Period 5 2.00 p.m. 3.00 p.m.

Therefore, when we return after the holidays on Monday 1st June, students will be expected to be at their first lesson at 8.50 a.m.

We hope that this will enable parents and carers to have more time to accommodate getting their children to school.