Cilla’s Blog – Thursday 29th June
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29th June 2017

Cilla Says:

“I have an awful confession to make….last Friday I was so overwhelmed by the exemplary conduct and cordial atmosphere of our year 11 students at the Graduation Prom that I slipped on my sequined collar and bow tie to boogie on the dance floor with the Prom Kings and Queens.  That Mr Cartmell can bust a move.  I am excited to see all our Year 11’s again on GCSE results day on Thursday 24th August 2017”

“On Wednesday I was fortunate to be invited to join the Creative Faculty’s Showcase Exhibition.  I was amazed by the diversity of Products and Artwork on display.  I cant wait for some of them to go on permanent exhibition in the Galaxy Suite when we move into the new build in September”

“I can’t wait until Monday so that I can meet and greet our new year 7 students.  I’m especially looking forward to the cross curricular work centred on making futuristic Battenburg!”