Cilla’s Blog – Thursday 6th July
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6th July 2017

Cilla Says:

I’ve been catching up with Mrs Pearson and Ms Bean to find out about all the innovative science trips and visits last week. First there was the Chemistry at Work event hosted by Catalyst in Widnes.  Workshop based hands-on sessions helped many of our aspiring scientists to consider STEM based courses including those with global chemical giants Croda.  Then there was the Lancashire Science Festival hosted by UCLAN in Preston.  Microsoft, 3D printing, an Everest master class by Greg Foot … and much, much more!  I can’t thank the Science team enough for enriching the curriculum in this way when so many schools are winding down for the summer.  I’m so looking forward to the ideas the team come up with next year.


On Monday, I attended Ms Bailey’s assembly as she welcomed our new Year 7 intake and started them on their South Shore journey. I got into the spirit of things on Tuesday by attending some of the sessions led by Mad Fitness in my green and yellow leotard.  These sessions have been designed to encourage our new students to have a healthy lifestyle by considering aspects of food and nutrition, exercise and mental toughness and wellbeing.  They also completed a team building activity.  I learned so much it made me dizzy.  I’ve only just escaped from the Viking helmet I made in last week’s Humanities masterclass!