Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Expedition)
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28th September 2021

What a fantastic weekend we had on our first Duke of Edinburgh expedition in nearly 2 years and what a way to come back. We took 40 students to Chipping on a slightly overcast afternoon, the group of pupils had been practising and preparing for this expedition for the last month.

The uphill walk to the starting point had some students on the back foot wondering what they had got themselves into but with the weather brightening up they took each checkpoint in their stride. They arrived at camp in good time and pitched their tents, made some much-needed tea and relaxed. Before it got dark students took the chance to do some swimming in the nearby lake and some bouldering inside. As it began to get dark we stoked up the firepit, got out the marshmallows and put the world to rights.

The next day the students plotted their own route up to the Trig point at Beacon Fell where the weather and motivation was good. The students were a credit to themselves and the academy, showing in abundance the school values of respect, ambition and resilience.  Students walked for a total of approx. 25,000 steps equivalent to around 18km.

Despite some tired legs, midgey bites, torn pants, blisters and the occasional stings, the students were amazing and totally smashed their expedition goal of improving personal resilience.


Mrs Leach commented by quoting. “The reason why we do these things is to give students a chance to be part of something that they might not otherwise be able to. This weekend allowed new friendships to be built and current friendships to have been made stronger. It tested the students beyond what they thought they could do and they did it!”

“These students shared an experience together that they will remember for the rest of their lives”