The intent of Geography at South Shore Academy is to provide students with essential and transferable skills to deal with, and understand, the rapidly changing world in which they will be living.  The world is increasingly interconnected, with large scale economic movements and migration across the globe, and within the country. Geography gives students the opportunity to be able to understand the reasons for these changes, and their consequences.   We want to create discerning and inquisitive geographers who can use their geography skills to interpret the world around them.

We want our students to see a world beyond Blackpool, so that they can access it, if they choose to.  We want to develop students love of learning and research, as well as helping students to create their own enquiries, making justifiable decisions, consider informed analysis and be able to see issues from a range of viewpoints, not just their own.

Students who leave school with geography qualifications will be able to combine both qualitative and quantitative data, analyse information and make appropriate decisions as well as reflecting on case study examples to evaluate the successful management of geographical issues.

Subject Geography – Implementation and Impact