The purpose of our teaching in mathematics is to make sure that all pupils are given the best chance to develop and practice their skills that will be used in final examinations, future employment and in real life situations.  All pupils will be given the opportunity to become mathematically literate members of our society enabling them to prosper without being taken advantage of. We do this by providing different learning for different levels of ability, including specialist schemes of work for our nurture groups.  A strong understanding of mathematics can help learners progress to further education, obtain and maintain jobs, manage their finances, and develop a passion and love of mathematics.

  • We have spent significant time this year designing a curriculum that works not only for our top end pupils but also our SEND pupils in lower ability groups and in nurture. We are passionate in our belief that everyone should leave school with a qualification in maths, this had lead to the implementation of a Entry Level Certificate qualification in KS4 nurture to both give pupils confidence to continue to work hard in maths (success breeds motivation) and also provide them a qualification IF they are not able to complete a GCSE at the end of year 11.
  • We have introduced the Essentials curriculum in nurture and added our own topics of telling time and basic financial literacy to help pupils develop their understanding of the world outside of school and give them the tools to succeed in life, hopefully not being taken advantage of.
  • In mathematics we have very little change in content year on year so our long term plan is to embed a quality curriculum that can be used year after year with tweaks to make sure it is continually improved.
  • We have a spiral curriculum in mathematics, so sequencing is key to developing fluent mathematicians. This is something we have spent a great deal of time evaluating and working with external partners (White Rose Maths and Pearson) to make sure that we have done correctly.
  • As can be seen in our vision above, we want to prepare our high achievers to succeed at maths at A Level and University if they wish to pursue it to this level. We want our middle achievers to achieve a pass to enable them to have options at college and we are supporting our disadvantaged pupils and nurture pupils to ensure they leave with a qualification. One of our key beliefs is preparing pupils for the real world with some level of financial literacy to make sure they are aware of pay day loan companies, the cost implications of interest on credit cards/car loans etc. Thankfully we live in a world without Wonga and BrightHouse now but there will always be other companies trying to take advantage and I believe we have a small role to play in the learners education around this. Especially our nurture pupils.
  • The content that our learners will cover is set out for us nationally and we follow the framework or EdExcel/Pearson GCSE 1MA1.

We can see in the knowledge below what the pupils will be learning.

Subject Mathematics – Implementation and Impact