Curriculum Intent:  

The purpose of our teaching in mathematics is to make sure that all pupils are given the best chance to develop and practice their skills that will be used in final examinations, future employment and in real life situations.  All pupils will be given the opportunity to become mathematically literate members of our society enabling them to prosper without being taken advantage of.  A strong understanding of mathematics can help us progress to further education, obtain and maintain jobs, manage their finances and develop a passion and love of mathematics.   

Key Stage 3: 

Course Information:  

Pupils will be following a scheme of work designed to encourage problem solving to prepare them for the type of examination that we will sit at the end of year 11, the EdExcel GCSE.  There are different schemes of work in place for pupils in nurture groups that is specifically designed for their needs, they will work towards completing an Entry Level Certificate by the end of year 9.  Both schemes of work are designed to prepare pupils for the GCSE exam but also real life with several functional style lessons within all the schemes of work.