Learning outside the classroom

South Shore Academy offers a wide range of exciting opportunities for students to continue to learn outside of a formal classroom setting.

School Trips and Visits

Many departments organise educational outings to supplement and reinforce learning taking place in school. KS3 Humanities students, for example, undertake a major piece of work looking at the history of local Blackpool landmarks. They visit the town, research the background and history of the buildings and also conduct interviews with local residents.  KS4 students in Humanities will also complete field trips either locally, as part of the Geography course, or sometimes abroad as part of the History course.  Students have also visited Mosques and other local places of worship in recent years.

The MFL Department offers students the opportunity to improve their language skills through trips to France and Spain, usually aimed at KS4 students but open to students from other Year groups as well. Students from Technology have visited the Clothes Show and the Food Show in Birmingham and London respectively.

School Events and Performances

All South Shore students have the chance to audition for the various entertainment groups the Academy supports ranging from the Samba Band and Choir in Years 7 and 8 to the whole school performances in other years. There is an annual show in the Summer Term which is very popular with students, staff and parents. This year Grease will be performed over two nights for parents and also students of feeder primary schools.

Teams and Interest Clubs

The Academy supports a variety of teams at all ages to encourage students to develop a sense of belonging and teamwork. Currently teams are available for both Girls and Boys in Football, Netball, Basketball, Badminton, Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Gymnastics. In addition to this groups of Sports leaders from all year groups organise Sports days for a number of local primary schools over the course of the Summer Term.