Lunch Time Arrangements
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4th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Please see the below COVID lunch arrangements from next Monday 7th September.

Monday 7th September: ALL year 10 & 11 pupils will receive a free lunch in the canteen. They can bring a pack lunch if they wish. There is no access to the canteen at break so may wish to bring a drink/snack for morning break.

From Tuesday 8th September the following arrangements will be in place.

Each year group will have access to the canteen one day per week. This applies to those who access free school meals (FSM) and those who do not have FSM. They will be able to access hot and cold food at break and lunch, however they may bring a packed lunch if they wish. Non FSM must ensure that they have sufficient funds on their card to pay for their lunch.

On all other days FSM pupils will be provided with a pack up lunch to eat in their designated area of the school. Non FSM pupils must bring a packed lunch to school with them. All pupils will need to bring a drink/snack for morning break if they wish as they will not have access to the canteen on these days.

Canteen Days:

Monday Year 11

Tuesday Year 10

Wednesday Year 9

Thursday Year 8

Friday Year 7

School bags

All pupils will be given a pack of equipment on Tuesday 8th September to use in lessons. They will be responsible for this equipment and must bring it to school each day. They also must bring a school bag to keep the pack in and transfer belongings to and from school.


Please bring coats as we will be lining up outside at all change overs.