Parent Voice Survey
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18th July 2016

South Shore Academy are partnering with Right To Succeed in conducting a survey to gain views and opinions of parents in order to improve the overall education experience for both you and your child. The survey is completely anonymous so you can be honest with your opinions. You can access the survey at the following link:



Right to Succeed is a charity, with a mission to develop, pilot and scale the solutions to educational inequality. As part of their collaborative work with the Blackpool schools in supporting them to become world class evidence-based deliverers of outcomes, we have been asked to participate in 3 surveys – students, parents and staff. These are being completed by all of the 7 Blackpool Secondary Schools that Right to Succeed are working with and are used across a wide range of schools both nationally and internationally.


This will allow further insight into the quality of experience of the key stakeholders in our school and also allow Blackpool level data to be compiled. It will provide a robust baseline and help us identify areas for focus in moving our school and town forward.

Who will share the data?

Information provided by Paul O’Neill Programme Director for Right to Succeed, if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact him at

  • All surveys are anonymous
  • Results will be sent initially to the SLT and shared with the whole school team either through normal school communication channels and/or via a presentation from the school and/or Right to Succeed team.
  • The data is held centrally by Right to Succeed and as with the mental toughness results they would not directly produce a report that compared school to school or that named schools. Across Blackpool they would look at where results differed significantly across schools and identify ways to develop cross-school learning and share best practice in relation to those specific areas.
  • All of this is baseline data which is useful, but it will be more interesting when we complete the surveys again next year to identify areas of significant improvement both within South Shore and the wider local area.