Safeguarding at South Shore Academy
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20th September 2018

Safeguarding at South Shore Academy

Making sure our students are safe is the highest priority at South Shore Academy; students who are safe are able to learn and to make progress and to have a better life. To recognise and to ensure we meet our students’ needs all our staff have current Safeguarding Training, we have regular training throughout the year and a team of dedicated staff who comprise our Safeguarding Team. Our ethos is that “Protecting children is everybody’s business”.

Our Safeguarding Policy details the approach the academy takes towards safeguarding; all staff adhere to this policy. South Shore Academy works closely with social care and Blackpool Safeguarding Board to provide support, referrals and in-house intervention for our students.

Safeguarding Team

The DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead) is the Deputy Head of School, Ms Geibel. The Deputy DSL is an Assistant Principal, Mr Perman and we have a Safeguarding Officer, Ms Alder, who works closely with multi-agency teams. All concerns must be immediately referred to the DSL, or in her absence – a member of the Safeguarding Team.


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