Students win Headstart Funding
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12th July 2018

Following on from the highly successful Year 9 Ullswater Trip in April a student working party was established to look into further opportunities for pupils to access adventurous activities.  The group were alerted by Mr Horrocks about the Blackpool Headstart Fund.

One of the main criteria for the project was that it needed to be co-ordinated by the students at South Shore Academy.  After a number of student meetings the group then submitted a bid and were invited to a panel meeting where they had to present their strategic plans and answer questions in front of a panel consisting of 6 people.  The next day the school received an email which read,  “Thank you so much to you and the pupils for attending our panel meeting yesterday. We were all blown away by their enthusiasm for the project and their determination to make it happen for all the Year 10 pupils. I am pleased to inform you that the Panel has approved your application.” (Hilary Wood, Head of Business Support and Resources Children and Adult Services)

As a result of their hard work, the students have secured over £15,000 worth of funding to enable them to begin to roll out a Bronze D of E Award to all of the Year 10’s from September 2018.

Mr Horrocks said ” It was an immensely proud moment for me watching the pupils present in a very nerve wracking setting.  They were outstanding and coped very well under the pressure. What’s more they then went on to answer a series of testing questions for 20 minutes. I believe this funding can potentially have a hugely positive impact on pupils’ lives and well-being. It can help them have a fuller, happier and healthier future”.