Year 11 Mock Exams
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2nd November 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Year 11 mocks examinations commence on Monday 5th November and will be over a period of two weeks. The examinations are internal and it is essential that students attend and complete the exams to the best of their ability. During the exams students will be expected to be on time, be fully equipped and follow the JCQ exam regulations.  Failure to follow the regulations will result in removal from the exam. The exams inform teacher planning and student’s revision, in the time up to the formal external exams in the summer of 2019, in order to secure excellent outcomes.

The mock exam timetable is overleaf. Students need to attend all core exams (maths, English and science) along with any option subjects that they are studying. Any times that they are not in exams they will be in lessons as normal.

During the two week period there is an external food examination. Students studying this food course will be expected to attend the revision session prior to the exam as well as attending the exam. The result of this exam does count in the final GCSE results for the student.

In order to support students with their revision a number of subjects have provided pupils with revision guides and workbooks. These can be used along with revision websites. Recommended revision websites are also overleaf.

May I take the opportunity to remind you that our first year 11 parents evening is on Monday 15th October 3:30pm to 5:30pm. If you are unable to attend please contact the Academy in order to arrange an alternative appointment time.

We look forward to working together in order to support our students in achieving their best possible outcomes. If you have any queries please contact Mrs Gee (Head of Year 11) or Mrs Warhurst (Deputy Headteacher) who are working closely with year 11.


Mock Timetable and Revision Guides

JCQ exam regulations


Yours sincerely,

Neil Reynolds

Head of school